RuSpa Dubai. Tension Relief Massage


60 min — AED 750 675

90 min — AED 1125 1015

The calming Bamboo massage is an environmentally friendly method of providing a relaxing massage while eliminating pressure from the hands of our therapist. The bamboo stick is used as an extension of our therapist’s fingers, forearms, thumbs, and palms. It administers various massage techniques such as a traditional deep tissue massage and the Swedish massage treatment. The therapist will roll a heated bamboo over your body, instead of using their hands. It is to heat the body’s muscles. They will further knead into the tissue, allowing for more in-depth and firmer kneading in comparison to their hands.

The length of the bamboo stick depends on its usage. The longer sticks are used to roll away the tension stored in your back, and the smaller ones are used to focus on areas that need special attention. Your therapist will loosen and knead the muscles formed in your body. There are several benefits associated, including increased blood circulation, improvised sleep patterns, and easier breathing. Additionally, it is used as a powerful preventive measure against modern-day stress and calms the emotional state of an individual. The buildup of lactic acid can be dangerous for the body. This treatment eliminates lactic acid and reduces the pain caused by it. With this massage, you can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about body soreness. You can either opt for the 60-minute or 90-minute treatment, depending on your body’s requirement.